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E-Course: Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development by RevGrow Academy

The Proven, Video-based Linkedin Training Program That Teaches You How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline, Step-by-step

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Build a consistent flow of qualified prospects who are interested in strengthening their relationship with you.

When it comes to business development, it’s always about the next prospect. Who is going to buy from you next week? Next month? Next quarter?

LinkedIn is a great platform for you to continuously find and develop a relationship with potential buyers who are looking for exactly what you offer.

If you're looking for the secret sauce for sustainable and successful business development on LinkedIn, you've come to the right place.

At RevGrow, we're going to lay bare our exact LinkedIn system and reveal the key strategies you need to consistently attract high quality leads, develop relationships with targeted buyers, and move prospects in your sales pipeline from “not sure” to “heck yes!” 

Normally $997, but right now you can get in for $697!


In this course you'll discover how to:

Happy to Take Your Call

Develop a profile that converts

How to position your LinkedIn profile so that more of your ideal prospects find you and are willing to accept your connection request

Attract Buyers

Attract Your Ideal Customers

How to develop high impact content to attract your target buyers and stay top-of-mind with them as a trusted and valued resource until they are ready to work with you

Establishing Trust - Shaking Hands

Engage Potential Buyers

How to engage in meaningful conversations with new and existing potential buyers on LinkedIn so they are more willing to schedule a call with you

Targeted Prospects

Systematically Find High-Value Prospects

How to create an effective and replicable system to leverage LinkedIn for prospecting so you have a powerful on-demand system for finding high value prospects

Stop wasting your time sending tone deaf messages, targeting the wrong people and failing to convert conversations into appointments! 

  • Start generating real leads with your LinkedIn network by creating a list of qualified and engaged connections who are looking for your solutions.
  • Learn the system you need to convert more ideal prospects into connections, more connections into leads, and more leads into appointments.
  • Finally  meet your revenue goals with a process that creates a consistent flow of appointments that you can adjust so that you have a sustainable flow of high quality new clients. ​​​​

Get access to the RevGrow Academy for 30% off!

Here's your opportunity to get In! This is the first time RevGrow is pulling back the curtain to let you see exactly how we use LinkedIn for ourselves and our clients. 

If you really want to crush your sales goals for the rest of the year and beyond, this course will give you: 

  • 69 lessons that teach you how to use LinkedIn for Business Development step-by-step
  • A downloadable comprehensive guide that you can personalize to help you meet your sales goals
  • Access to our weekly Office Hours coaching for the life of the program (to help you in real time when you get stuck)

Since you attended the YES Event in March, you get access for 30% off the regular price for the life of the course.

Normally $997, but right now you can get in for $697!



Focus Area 1: Understand the right way to develop a LinkedIn profile to you prove you are the expert they can turn to with questions, the influencer they can trust for advice and the vendor they can rely on for vital business solutions



Focus Area 2: Discover how to develop lasting and profitable relationships with new and existing first-degree connections by establishing authority, building trust and proving relevancy



Focus Area 3: Learn the secret to gain access to more ideal prospects on LinkedIn with warm introductions and referrals, including a system that will help you identify people you want to meet and the exact scripts you can use to ask for and receive more introductions and referrals



Focus Area 4: Master the system that will leverage the trust you have built with engaged and targeted buyers so that you can create a consistent funnel for turning connections into warm leads who are willing to set appointments with you

The Best Time to Start generating more targeted conversations and building your sales pipeline is now!

If you're ready to stop wondering where your next sale will come from and learn how the pros use LinkedIn for Business Development, this is definitely for you! Discover the step-by-step system for filling your sales pipeline with the right leads and keeping it full. Click the button below and get Access today!

Normally $997, but right now you can get in for $697!


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