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7 Proven LinkedIn Tactics to Crush Your Sales Goals in 2019

Watch the replay & discover how to...

Sculpt a profile that converts

Create a LinkedIn profile that will help your prospects connect with you on a personal level and understand that you are the vendor who can truly meet their needs.

Build a network of high value prospects

Learn the step-by-step system to build & engage a targeted & powerful network of new & existing connections.

Leverage your network to connect with more prospects

Use the power of warm introductions to gain access to ideal prospects, starting with the right way to ask your network for referrals and introductions.

Attract & engage targeted buyers

Learn how to educate and Empower your LinkedIn community through intentional and meaningful conversations with targeted buyers so that you are the go-to resource for your ideal customers.

Your host:

Mark McIntosh, Founder & CEO

For decades, through collaborating closely with firm owners and consultants I discovered a disturbing trend: (1) most struggled with attracting their ideal clients to grow their firm consistently year after year.   (2) In addition, they didn’t have the processes in place to remain top of mind and continue to build relationships and add value throughout the buyer’s journey. So, I launched RevGrow in April, 2016 to help companies solve these two problems. 

Your host:

Brynne Tillman, Director of LinkedIn Strategy

Brynne Tillman spent her career in business development and sales training. In 2008 Brynne began teaching LinkedIn to professionals looking to grow their business. Since then Brynne has designed and implemented thousands of custom trainings and campaigns, authored a few books on LinkedIn, and Social Selling, the latest one hitting #3 on Amazon's best sellers list.

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